I thought I was old - Stephen Mathews


I did hand stand push ups

I used to be fit

When I wanted to do something

I would never quit

I learned many skills

I had a young mind

I always sought knowledge

I also thought I had lots of time

Then I got busy

Working and stuff

Used all of my skill

I learned to get tough

Then work took over

I sat to get things done

I typed on a keyboard

Would never get up and run

My back started to hurt

My shoulders got frozen

Instead of fitness

Work was always chosen

My muscles got weak

I was unhealthy

I ate like a loser

And never got wealthy

I was running on fifty

My gut it got bigger

Could not even do push-ups

I lost my sleek figure

I got sick, I got tired

I put them together

Now sick and tired

It’s time to get better

It hurts to work out

I feel pain from trying

But if I do nothing

I’m only here dying

I did a push-up

It hurt quite a bit

So I did another

There was less sting to it

The next day I did more

Was three, then to eight

I knocked out two more

It hurt but felt great

What about pulls-ups

Those cause so much pain

But the pain of not doing them

Is what makes me insane

I hung from the bar

The pain wet my eyes

I tightened my grip and did one

I was oh so surprised

Can I stand on my hands

Can I do that again

I am now nearly fifty

But it’s not my life’s end

I gave it a shot

For a second I stood

It hurt my left shoulder

Not as bad as it could

I tried it again

I stood a bit longer

I cannot believe

In days I got stronger

The handstand push-up

I’ll give it a try

I gave my best shot

But need more strength next time

This is not the end

I’ve only just begun

I thought I was old

But seems I’m still young