You met that special someone

You felt a special love

Gifted with a moment of joy

Then a loss that hurt so much


That special man stuck near

He is not like common guys

The one for this great woman

You can see it in his eyes


A decision to be made

Should you tie the knot

One thing is for certain

You both know you’ve got


The day soon came

To celebrate your new life

You both were joined together

As husband and as wife


Throughout this journey

You made me a special part

I’ll charish all the moments

Deep inside my heart


I met so many people

So wonderful and dear

The friends you keep around you

The ones that you hold near


Beautiful and caring

They love all of who you are

Even when I had

Pushed you out so far


A year or two ago

I had hurtful things to say

I did not deserve

To be part of your day


I love you Ashley,

All of who you are


I love your husband, I love your friends, and of course I love your dogs.


- Dad